1. Log in to the backend of the unit website.

2. From the left menu, select Event Espresso -> Events.

3. Click "Add New Event".

4. Enter the name and description of the event.

5. Scroll down. Enter the name again under "Event Datetimes" and the start and end times of the event. Under "Available Tickets", create the appropriate tickets. Leave the "Sale Starts" alone and set Qty to 100. For Sell Until, typically 11:55 PM the Monday before an event is used. 

6. To calculate the price, take the estimated cost distributed among a conservative attendance estimate and add a 3% fee at minimum. For example, a campout may look like the following:

  • Campsite Fees
    • $200
    • Typically 30-35 attendees (use 30)
    • $6.67/person
  • Gas 
    • 200-mile round-trip
    • Estimated 15 mpg/vehicle
    • 4 seats/vehicle
    • Gas @ $2.99/gal
    • 3.33 gal/person, or $9.96/person
  • Food
    • Typically $22/person for a weekend trip
  • Other Miscellaneous Costs
    • i.e. tours, model rocket parts, ammo, etc.
    • $9.90/person
  • 3% fee
    • Subtotal is $48.53
    • Add 3% fee - $49.99 (ticket price of campout)

7. Scroll down. Select the venue and un-check "Allow comments".

8. On the right, select the appropriate event categories (typically Troop Event and Webelos Event).

9. Scroll down. Select the appropriate registration questions under "Questions for Primary Registration", then do the same on "Questions for Additional Registrants".

    Here are the typical categories used for a campout:

  • Personal Information (always used)
  • Troop/Pack Information (always used)
  • Car Information (always used when the unit is issuing car assignments and tow vehicles)
  • Shirt Size (used when shirts are given at the event, i.e. summer camp)
  • Lunch (must be modified for each use, but for events where a lunch choice is given, such as the canoe race or Score-O)
  • Extended Car Info (used when information such as make/model/license plate are needed from drivers, such as when camping at state parks)

10. Scroll up. Ensure that the "Default Registration Status" is set to "Approved".

11. Scroll to the top and click "Publish".